3 thoughts on “Asking availability and price at a shop

    • Hi Reese,
      Lovely to hear from you. Are you enjoying the food back home? Do you have school dinners or packed lunch, or can you choose? What is your teacher’s name and are they nice? How much homework do you get each night? Are you in the same school as Emma?

      We miss you!
      Year 6

  1. I am kind of enjoying the food, I’m pack lunch so I can bring pasta, sandwiches and stuff instead of chinese food. Also, I am not in the same school as Emma though I see her often enough. I have alot of teachers so I don’t really know their names my classroom teacher is Wang Laoshi. Homework… well, not TOO bad but …not very good. I AM NOT keeping up and I miss you guys SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH! Please come on the next china trip.

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